May 4, 2010

Almost 20 years of my life.

I worked, ran, built and fixed small to medium sized printing businesses.

I managed, worked, rebuilt, on one or two occasions got fired from, got hired back to, and worked my youth away on various types of equipment.

Stopping now and then to deal with the office twit who always seemed to be assigned the job of managing thousands, some times hundreds of thousands of dollars of graphics and printing.

I learned about computers because there was no one to ask, I learned about bars for a quick fix for people.
I learned that no matter how hard I worked or how smart I was I was riding a dying horse and one day a woman came to pick up her laboriously, damned difficult to produce business cards which we were all quite proud of and said, "oh…. Gee,…. It doesn't look like it did on the monitor".

A week later I was doing tech support a hundred miles away, glad to drive that far, making forty percent more money to start, and triple in a year what twenty years of my life had bought.

Not too long after that I heard James Taylor do this song.

Printing usually wasn't boring, but it had a sameness after awhile though we worked to one-hundred-twenty-fifth of an inch and I could see that with my naked eye.

As I told people for years to come, "the first twelve or fifteen years were sort of interesting".