September 17, 2009

"Goodnight and Good Luck", a bookman reviews.

Sitting alone in the darkness of my living room but for a cat, Digital Video Disc spinning silently in the player as black and white images of honesty and power walked across the screen, I was taken back to my boyhood.

I sat on Sunday afternoons on the carpet of the old homeplace at my Dad's feet while he watched See It Now or Person to Person with a far too skinny, cigarette smoking Edward R. Murrow discussing things that my Dad sometimes disagreed with.

I was barely a year old though when Murrow did his famous program on Joe McCarthy, and the Old Man would cut him quite a bit of slack for sticking it to 'Tailgunner Joe'.

Back to my living room. Nearby is a place that sells DVD's for a couple bucks each and recently I picked up Goodnight and Good Luck to bring home and watch. The few people that I know that would sit through what even Director George Clooney called a "talking head" movie are hundreds of miles away, so the cat and I watch alone.

WELL DONE, and artfully produced, Goodnight and Good Luck chooses to recount in some detail the WORK, if not life of Edward R. Murrow as he came to the realization that someone had to speak up for the victims of McCarthy's American Pogrom against anyone who either had no power or opposed him. Murrow, and it is important to understand this, was the Walter Cronkite of his day. People TRUSTED him, not least because he had actually gone on RAF bombing flights during World War Two when those bombers were shot out of the sky with sickening regularity by the Nazi's.

I recommend Goodnight and Good Luck, highly, it like AMC's MAD MEN is a slice of Americana long gone, and one to be seen for far better reasons.
It will leave you moved if you have a brain, stunned if you have a heart and enlightened if you have no idea what all this is about.

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  1. And it's a short movie also. I was surprsied when it ended.

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